MINSA conducts vaccination day at URACCAN Bilwi venue
Bilwi's university community is responsible for getting vaccinated.
Neylin Calderon

URACCAN guarantees health care to your college community

The University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN), in coordination with the Ministry of Health (MINSA), participated in a vaccination day where 135 doses were applied to prevent influenza and seasonal influenza in officials, officials and student community of the Bilwi campus.

This activity was carried out with the purpose of ensuring the health of the university community. Depending on this objective, the area of Occupational Hygiene and Safety constantly coordinates with the Ministry of Health to develop fairs, vaccination days and educational talks on various diseases, in this way the staff and students of this campus are kept informed and updated on their vaccinations.

Vaccination day success

Kerlin Maynor, nurse of The Polyclinic Ernesto Hodgson Wrigth, stated that the day was a success, as well as the coordinations between MINSA and the university, as well as "we are managing to vaccinate the population (...); most are getting the vaccine and are on the lookout for the vaccination day; have allowed us to go from house to house and in universities to achieve our goals."

Preventive measures before COVID-19

According to the Msc. Ivania Padilla, responsible for Occupational Hygiene and Safety at the site, this time involved all staff, both administrative, teachers and students, applying all necessary measures before COVID-19.

URACCAN continues the safety protocol to prevent the pandemic known as coronavirus. Therefore, during the vaccination process, the attendees implemented the estating of at least 1 meter between people, "so as not to have that grouping of staff and to try to comply with the security measures that have been assigned to us as a university, as a protocol of care", concluded Padilla.