Call and scholarships for Master of Social Sciences with specialization in Municipal Development
Photo courtesy URACCAN
Ricardo Guzmán

The Colegio Mexiquense, A.C. invites students and graduates of URACCAN to enroll in the Master's Degree in Social Sciences with a specialization in Municipal Development, recognized by the PNPC of conacyt, which is subject to the availability of scholarships.

The call is aimed at graduates of the degree in Social Sciences and related disciplines, qualified and with an average of 8.0, or higher. The postgraduate course in question has three Lines of Generation and Application of Knowledge: (1) Socio-spatial studies: Economics and Urban Policies. (2) Public Institutions and Policies. (3) Inequality, Culture and Social Structure.

In case of interest or doubt about this call, please contact email, considering that the receipt of documents ends on June 5 of the current year.