Meeting between UNEN representatives and URACCAN executives
File photo.
Dara Contreras

"We want students not only to finish with a degree, but to be able to generate their own entrepreneurship tomorrow," said Victor Zúniga.

Representatives of the National Union of Students of Nicaragua (UNEN-URACCAN), held meetings with Rectory, Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Center for the Study and Information of Multi-ethnic Women (CEIMM), Academic Directorate and the Student Welfare Directorate, last Wednesday, September 2, with the purpose of involving students in the innovation processes that will be carried out within the university.

What is to be ensured is the effectiveness of the process of linking the university with the student, to develop a work based on the intercultural perspective of gender, processes of innovation and entrepreneurship in the transformation of the student to his professionalization, said Víctor Zúniga, director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. "We don't want to take out bosses, we want to take leaders out of our university and we want students not to end up not only with a degree, but, apart from their degree, they can tomorrow generate their own entrepreneurship," he stressed.

It also addressed the planning of a virtual forum to analyze the challenges and contributions that students face with the virtual modality within the framework of the COVID-19 pandemic context, which has forced the university to implement this method in order to ensure teaching-learning processes.

The meeting also addressed the activities to be carried out in the second academic semester and in the celebration of the 26th Anniversary of the URACCAN. "We are going to hold some sports exchanges within URACCAN in October, to close (the celebration of) the 26 years of the university, but at the same time the 36 years of Regional Autonomy," said Rubel Chamorro, president of UNEN-URACCAN.

Chamorro also stated that, in these commemorative activities, the National Agrarian University (UNA) will be participating, with athletes in different disciplines, always taking into account preventive measures before COVID-19, such as "the use of permanent mask, and some requirements that we will put in the spaces in which these activities will be developed: alcohol dispensers and the sink".

This day of activities in celebration of the anniversary of the university, will begin on October 3rd, in the New Guinea venue, followed by Bluefields, closing on October 31 in Bilwi.