CEIMM and Student Welfare give workshop on emotional management to internal students
José Ignacio Cuba: "The workshop helps us know how to overcome the situations and experiences we are having regarding stress".
Noel Aguilera

Implementing good emotion management as a fundamental axis for human development

The Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM), within the framework of the project "Decolonization and Depatriarcalization for the Transformation of Education", in conjunction with Student Welfare, gave a workshop on emotional management to internal students.

This workshop was taught by Licda. Velia Sevilla, territorial technique of CEIMM, who shared the concept of emotions, how to recognize the primary and secondary, the feeling of the person through facial expressions and the functions they possess in the social environment.

According to Seville, this workshop is held with the aim of providing students with different tools and techniques through which they can implement emotional intelligence in the course of their daily experiences, reducing the appearance of dysfunctional responses, such as alcohol, drugs, even violence itself.

Over the course of the workshop, college students provided how dysfunctional responses often promote poor decision-making by finding themselves in uns favorable situations, such as family problems, partner situations, and even the condition of poor academic performance by not knowing how to deal with them.

Similarly, Ing. Axel Molina, culture promoter of the student welfare area, witnessed, who assured that "we are doing articulated work with institutes and the different areas of the venue, on this occasion it got involved students that we have in boarding school about emotions through a fairly practical and intuitive talk, doing teamwork and subsequently presenting them and going to see how they assimilate and capture it , the kids have been participating and it's quite important because they're putting it into practice and how to improve on what behavior is during their professional stay at the venue."

Through the experience gained, José Ignacio Cuba stated that "these kinds of activities are of great importance and of great interest, as they help us to know how to overcome the situations and experiences that the student community is having regarding stress, such as in the problems of classes on virtual platforms, among other situations, helps us to stay calm and involve with reasoning and discipline each of the situations".