Continuity of the recruitment and follow-up plan for graduates

By: Neylin Calderón

With the main purpose of continuing the student recruitment plan, the follow-up to graduates and graduates in various careers, the First Intercultural Community University in Latin America (URACCAN) through the area of learning communities of the Bilwi university campus, held the third Technical Council.

The Ivonne McLean master's degree, the academic secretary of the campus, said that it was had as its main agenda, "that the coordinators or academic areas present the student recruitment plan by 2021, from all the inputs and contributions made by the teachers who were involved in the proposed course, which can help us to get that plan going," he said.

The session also reviewed the extracurricular activity plan, "which is linked to the extra activities to the curriculum, but is closely linked to the professional profile of students from different careers," McLean said.

Other agenda items

Other important topics addressed at this third meeting were the teaching accompaniment plan, "as we have made progress in the implementation of the accompaniment and which have been some limitations that we have had and that we must continue to do to fulfill it in the implementation of the plan," McLean explained.

Finally, the academic stated that another agenda item of the Technical Council was the follow-up plan for graduates, "it is also a plan that is already running and we saw how far we are projecting to graduate from here until May and generally we managed to visualize that at least 100 students from different careers are going to be graduating to participate in the June graduation , but for Waspam there are about 70 students projected for graduation in the extension," he concluded.