Afternoon of work and family celebration at URACCAN Bluefields venue
During the activity, in addition to partying, reflection was also on the value of the family and affection.
Josselyn Flores

Celebrating as a family, late but safe

URACCAN Bluefields enclosure, in commemoration of the past 1st. May, International Labor Day, and celebrating the birthday members of the month, he made a living with the staff who work hard at this institution, with the purpose of thanking the efforts of their human talents.

In this activity, the teacher Heidi Guillén, academic secretary of the campus, welcomed and stated that "the idea is that we can share a pleasant time, forget about some difficulties and we can live together as a family, that today is a special day, especially with these two activities, we celebrate birthdays and commemorate the day of the worker".

Message of reflection and family unity

During the activity there was a space for reflection on the emotional stability of the men and women who live together in the enclosure every day. The Licda. Marsha Cuadra expressed, in the context of the pandemic, the following message: "Let us take this as a reflection that life continues and what remains in our hands is to protect ourselves and those around us, our friends and family, and in that protection is the emotional part, we know that social estification has been a difficult thing because we are not used to that , we like to receive and give affection but, in this case, estating is also a sign of love."

Cuadra also urged workers to maintain a healthy work environment for each and more in the context being lived. "Work dignifies and our space has to be a better place for everyone," she said.

In this same sense, the participants of the convivio enjoyed a recreational afternoon in which they performed different dynamics and cultural numbers, as well as tasted a dinner prepared for the occasion. This as part of cultivating the companionship that characterizes the staff of the large URACCAN family.

The festivities were coordinated by the area of Administration and Human Resources of the enclosure, thus promoting the healthy compartment and unity, but complying with the security measures embodied in the institutional protocol.