Uraccan Las Minas continues to raise awareness of pandemic
Students during prevention talks at the Las Minas campus.
Jindriska Mayorga Polanco

Acting responsiblely for the university community

As part of the safety protocol implemented by URACCAN to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic and in coordination with the Ministry of Health, preventive talks with internal students continue at the Las Minas campus.

Dr. Rigoberto Chaves, director of the Carlos Centeno Hospital in the municipality of Siuna, clarified to students that the rumors circulating through social networks are not true, urged them not to fall into misinformation.

"The most important thing is that they follow the recommendations and take the prevention measures that the Ministry of Health has issued," the official invited.

In the same sense, the academic secretary of the compound, Msc. Ariel Chavarría Vigil, emphasized to students to make use of the lavamos that installed it in each area of the campus, in addition to the carpets and dispensers.

"Let us remember that we can wash our hands with plenty of soap and water, in any area of the university, especially before and after handling garbage, after eating or handling food, also after touching public surfaces: counters, handrails, railings; after going to the bathroom and manipulating money, keys, among others."

It should be noted that URACCAN has been updating its security protocol and implementing preventive strategies as propagation varies, all in order to protect the health of the university community.