URACCAN UNESCO Chair convenes university community and Caribbean population to essay contest
The winning works will be published in the scientific journals of this university.
Ricardo Guzmán

Walking the path of Regional Autonomy and the founding of URACCAN: dreams and aspirations

In commemoration of the 33 years of Regional Autonomy and the 26 years of URACCAN, this institution of higher education, within the framework of the UNESCO Chair of Wisdom and Knowledge of Peoples, invites the university community and the general public of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast to participate in a scientific essay contest that will make, dissemination and share the achievements , advances and challenges set during these years, as well as the criteria to consider to continue to fight and consolidate our dreams and aspirations.

The essay competition is entitled "Autonomy, a space for the construction of intercultural gender citizenships" and aims to gather the vision of the university community and the Caribbean population on the development challenges facing this sufficient region of Nicaragua. The three best trials at the Caribbean Coast level will be awarded. The winners will present their essay at the Central Act of Autonomy, which will be held at URACCAN.

The subject of essays should focus on the challenges of Development with Identity and Good Living of the peoples of the Caribbean Coast. The deadline to participate will be October 25, 2020. Trials must be sent via emails: william.flores.edu.ni and@uraccan yulmar.montoya.e@uraccandu.ni

The jury's ruling will be made known through the UNESCO Chair of Wisdoms and Knowledge of Peoples (http://catedra.uraccan.edu.ni/) website on October 28, 2020. And the results will be reported in the same way on the social networks of URACCAN (Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube).

The three winning works will be awarded through certification, technology equipment and the publication of the essay in the scientific journal of URACCAN. All information about this competition is detailed in the document University Essay Contest (bases), published on the URACCAN website.