URACCAN team participates in second working session of MetaRed Central America and the Caribbean
Pictured, some of the representatives of different Ibero-American universities that are part of MetaRed.
Ricardo Guzmán

Tomorrow's session hopes to finally finalte the inter-university collaborative lines of work.

A team of URACCAN, delegated by its rector, Dr. Alta Hooker, and representing by the director of the Institutional Information and Communication Technology System (SITICI), MSc. Marlon Antonio Peralta participated this morning in an extensive working session convened by MetaRed Central America and the Caribbean, in which experiences and proposals on Educational Technology, Cybersecurity, ITCs Infrastructure and Systems Development were shared.

According to The Peralta Teacher, URACCAN is already part of this network of Ibero-American universities that work collaborative projects and research, with the aim of strengthening higher education. The URACCAN team consisted of SITICI coordinations in all campuses, covering the areas of Educational Technology and Computer Security.

According to the director of SITICI, who had an outstanding participation sharing the experience of URACCAN, the agenda began with the words of welcome of Mr. Alonso Castro Mattei, director of the Computer Center of the University of Costa Rica (UCR). The working groups were also formed, with the following being constituted: Cybersecurity Working Group; Working Group on Educational Technologies; Supplier Relationship Working Group; ICT Governance Working Group; ICT Infrastructure Working Group; System Development Working Group.  

Throughout the discussions, there were expert dissertations in each of the proposed lines of work. The first intervention was carried out by the coordinator of metaRed Brasil's Educacionais Technology Management Group and GGTE/UAB coordinator at UNICAMP, Brazil, Marco Antonio Garcia Carvalho.

The second exhibition was held by Eric Rodríguez, coordinator of the MetaRed Mexico Supplier Relationship Group, university of Chihuahua, Mexico. The third dissertation was developed by Roberto Price, coordinator of the Group of Indicators and KPIs of MetaRed Chile and Director of Informatics of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

At the end of the day and having raised proposals on the work that each group could do, the URACCAN team is preparing to participate tomorrow in the third session, where it is hoped to implement actions to develop projects and research collaboratively in conjunction with other MetaRed member universities.