Fumigation day to disinfect URACCAN Bilwi enclosure facilities
A member of the National Army fumigating one of the classrooms of the Bilwi compound.
Neylin Calderon

Coordinations to prevent the spread of disease

As part of the national disinfection campaign to prevent bacterial and viral diseases, and under the coordination of the authorities of the compound with those of the Regional and National Government, members of the Nicaraguan Army conducted a fumigation day at the facilities of URACCAN Bilwi.

In this enclosure there was the opportunity to receive members of the Army, who were able with dedication to fumigate the classrooms, court, boarding school, dining room, and green areas, mainly those places where the student community transits.

Implementation of the security protocol to COVID-19

In addition, the Bilwi campus holds the fumigation days, where, based on chlorine, members of the general services area disinfect the buses where the entire university community is transported, as well as the office areas, in this way the security protocol is implemented before COVID-19 implemented in all URACCAN enclosures and extensions , being an orientation from Rectory.

According to the vice-chancellor of the campus, Enrique Cordón, PhD, this is done with the purpose of keeping conditions properly clean for the good use of the university community. "We continue to maintain all prevention measures before (the) COVID, we continue with the measure of social estating, also the individual estviation of each member of the university community," explained the vice-chancellor.

In each of the university territories of URACCAN, the mandatory use of masks was implemented, both in the classrooms and in the campus facilities, also, from the areas of Intercultural Communication, led by rectory and the Institute of Intercultural Communication are being carried out advertising campaigns with preventive messages before COVID-19, where each poster, image, spot or radio vignette have been translated into the languages of indigenous peoples , Afro-descendants and half-breeds of Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast.