Teachers of Education Sciences and Leadership School present research profiles
Research will be presented in October, in the context of Sam Pitt Scientific Day.
Neylin Calderon

Review of research profiles with CCRISAC

After several meetings with the area of Research and Postgraduate, teachers of Education Sciences and Leadership School, presented to the Academic Secretariat of the Bilwi campus the research profiles that will be carried out in honor of the anniversary of URACCAN, under the methodology of Cultivation and Aging of Wisdoms and Knowledge (CCRISAC).

According to the teacher Rosa Palacios, Coordinator of Research and Postgraduate, these activities are carried out to monitor and monitor the research that has been initiated through the methodology of intercultural research.

"They made their presentation as a colloquium of research ideas and initiating the structure of protocol (...); with this what is intended is to share among all, ideas, but also contribute to each of the investigations as a team," Palacios reaffirmed.

The coordinator stated that working with CCRISAC was a new experience, which is why the assessments were made jointly, because all of them had set goals that had to be met in these remaining two months for the Sam Pitt Scientific Day, to be held next October.

Of the 8 researches to be presented in October, two are from the Education Sciences area and one from the Leadership School. "We are in a stage of learning, but we will learn by doing," Palacios concluded.