Interinstitutional league of URACCAN enclosure Las Minas continues its regular stage with a tough competition

Women's and men's categories

By: José Garth and Jindriska Mayorga

URACCAN enclosure Las Minas, continues to develop the regular stage of the interinstitutional softball league, dedicated to the magnificent rector of this institution, Dr. Alta Hooker. In this competition stand out the leaders by categories, the team of The Taxi drivers of Siuna, in the men's category and Floripón, in the women's category.

In the men's category taxi drivers and the National Police, head the leaderboard with 16 games played, 11 wins and 5 losses; secondly are the Astros and Caribean, with 11 won and 7 lost; URACCAN and Minsa are in third place with 8 won and 9 lost; The Friends are in fourth place with 5 wins and 13 defeats; followed by The Mechanics with 4 wins and 14 losses.

Also, in the women's category, Floripón comes first with 18 games played, 17 won and 1 lost; followed by the National Police with 14 games, 11 won, 3 lost; Wany with 18 played, 8 won and 10 lost; URACCAN is in a fourth place with 16 games, 7 won and 9 lost; UML with 13 games, 3 won, 10 lost and Rookies with 16 games, 2 won and 14 lost.

Featured players

Erick Vílchez is the leader of the batters with 644 average and Eddy Reyes, of the Taxi drivers with 590 average, Erick Vilches and Dexter Ullite of the Caribean are doubles leaders with 13 and 12 respectively. For their part, Mauricio Calero de los Caribean and José Hernández, of the National Police are the home leaders with 5 each, Eddy Reyes of taxi drivers and Yeris Gonzales of the Caribean are leaders in triples connected with 5 and 4 respectively; Bismarck Carrasco of the National Police and Nestor Salinas del Mefcca are the leaders in races scored with 28 each; Erick Vilches and Norlan López del Mefcca are the leaders in RBIs with 34 and 28 respectively; José Luna is the leading pitcher in ERA with 3.38; Roberto Oporta is a leader in games won 8 wins and 2 losses and Juan López del MEFCCA is a leader in punches with 24.

In addition, Sotchil Rostrán and Estela Sánchez, of Floripón are the leaders in batting with 660 and 634 average; Estela Sánchez and Yohaisy Bendles, of Floripón and the National Police, are leaders in triples connected with 4 each; Sotchil Rostrán is the home run leader with 9, followed by Wany's Selenia Lopez with 7; Jendrely Dinki of the Police and Sotchil Rostrán, are leaders in doubles connected with 5 each; Floripón's Mileydi Pastora and Sotchill Rostrán are the leaders in races scored with 24 and 33 respectively and Mileydi Pastora of Floripón and Dania Vega of URACCAN are leaders in stolen bases with 26 and 16 respectively, Mileydi Pastora is a leader in ERA with 3.95 ERA, 10 games won and 1 loss; Jendrely Dinki of the police is a leader in tipping poaches with 60.

URACCAN, as part of interinstitutional relations, promotes such actions that allow recreation between the university community and the siuna community, thus contributing to maintaining a pleasant and sharing environment.