By: Betty Omier

URACCAN, in its processes of accompaniment and approach to the community, guaranteeing the relevance and inclusion of all, in its URACCAN Bluefields campus, develops collective and participatory learning processes, highlighting the perseverance and dedication of mute deaf students in the administrative computer career.

For Ing. Francisco Dans, coordinator of the area of administrative sciences, said that URACCAN "It is an Inclusive university and no one has been closed, since they are studying they have been accompanied throughout their educational training process and in this coming October they will graduate as a senior technician in administrative computer science," he said.

For its part, the Cheysi Smith high school, a student in the career of Administrative Informatics, in sign language, stated that her educational training "was in my family where we were taught teachers from Managua, there was a process where I got the degree, in the two thousand two I started studying at the Horatio Hogdson Institute, where I got good grades, already in the fifth year it was a little more difficult but I managed to complete the high school studies said that all six of us, who could study at URACCAN for the career of Administrative Informatics every Saturday, we happy started studying and hopefully obtained not only a higher technical degree, but also our degree that accredits us as a bachelor's degree in Computer Science," she concluded,

For Master Kevin Josep, sign language interpreter, when the opportunity to be an interpreter presented himself, took it as a great challenge, since he was in the area of accounting, "and I am grateful to the university for taking me into account, I knew that there were things that were not going to make it easy in some subjects, but together we have been able to overcome the challenges and challenges" Argued.