Consultative Council Youth Advocacy Project

By: Betty Omier

With the aim of achieving effective inclusion in students' university life, training in basic sign language, teachers and administrative staff of URACCAN, is being developed at the Bluefields campus.

The training is carried out within the framework of the project "Promotion of the language of Nicaraguan signs to teachers and administrators of the university URACCAN, Bluefields, Nicaragua", executed by the students Cheysi Smith, of the administrative computer science career and Héctor López, graduate of the psychology career in multicultural contexts, together with two more young people.

This project arises due to some limitations of inclusion in university life that some students have, since they cannot carry out their arrangements or receive services when they do not have at their disposal an interpreter, since the basic signs of care staff to be able to communicate and adequately care for this student population.

When considering these limitations in areas that are of essential attention to university life including cash areas, registration, academic secretariat, area coordinations, library, among others that the project considered as a target group this group of officials to participate in this training.

The trainings will be developed by the president of ANSNIC, Bluefields and will last for one month equivalent to 16 hours divided into 4 sessions, The project is funded by the Aprendo y Emprendo Project, the URACCAN University and youth of the Advisory Council.