URACCAN teaching guild Bilwi venue elects its new representatives
Teaching guild session at URACCAN Bilwi venue
Teaching guild session at URACCAN Bilwi venue
Neylin Calderon

In search of the union unit

At URACCAN Bilwi Precinct, the teaching guild held an assembly to elect the new board of directors to represent them at the URACCAN level. Mr. Nilson Dumas was elected for sectional office; as record secretary, Master Silvio Petters and Secretary of Surveillance Dr. Brigeth Sam, who will have the task of ensuring the well-being of the institution and the faculty.

In this regard, Dumas referred that now that the guild entrusted it with the position of Sectional, it will seek to work hand in hand with teachers, "looking for the common good for all, we are an institution that we are characterized by maintaining unity and growing, we need new strategies because the learning process is becoming more and more changing," he stressed.

For her part, Dr. Sam stressed the importance of being the surveillance secretary because she strengthens the capacities in her vocational training, "as a professor of the university and thus address me as an example and maintain sanity, respect, motivation, articulation and communication, which is very important in the guild", emphasized.

Finally, Master Silvio Petters expressed his hope for the new space that will allow him to grow as a teacher, "these spaces are an opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the institution, work hand in hand with teachers and authorities, and, together, get ahead," he said.

These elections are held each year in the four URACCAN venues, promoting the living together in harmony of the educational community. In this same assembly, the board of directors of the union of the union was also ratified.