New innovative strategies in the classroom

By: Judith Robleto

In order to motivate and inspire participants on their own creative potential, to develop their own innovative initiatives or actions, within the institution and to promote new scenarios in the performance of their functions, in URACCAN campus New Guinea, time and permanent teachers, participated in the workshop on Innovation Management.

For The teacher Oved Zeledón Mimbreño, coordinator of the area of Computer science and Accountants, and part of the facilitator team, "The workshop manages to stimulate the formulation of creative, innovative, disruptive and talented ideas through activities that activate personal, emotional, relational and bodily skills, but it also shows that we all have the capacity and potential to generate innovative ideas" Assured.

Practice and innovation

The workshop, characterized by being practical, as it was urged to create ideas and solve cases and activities that open the doors to see things differently, was facilitated by teachers Haydé Martínez, Yamilex Aguilar and teachers Oved Zeledón and Carlos Alvarez.

For her part, teacher Concepción Urbina, head of academic registration and time teacher of the venue, said that this workshop "It was very valuable and important, because we knew more about what innovation is, we often consider that innovating is creating something new, but sometimes innovating is removing some process or procedure that is considered unnecessary," he said.

Urbina further argues that this activity allows him to appropriate strategies for the development of teaching, adding that "For those of us who practice teaching at some point, we were able to learn about new strategies of how we can innovate in the classroom, so that students feel excited and motivated therefore; many times our brains are used to seeing things in some way but this changes depending on where we are, the place and the circumstance.", he said.