Meeting professionalization goals through Intercultural Education
Rubén Adonis Martínez Guzmán, originally from Orinoco
Ruben Martínez Guzmán sharing his story
Josselyn Flores

Commitment and desire to contribute to the company

With an expression and behavior of kindness, the young Rubén Adonis Martínez Guzmán, demonstrates his humility and empathy for others, because one of his dreams, he remarked, is to serve others and help reduce the social problems that afflict the people of the city.

Originally from the Afro-descendant orinoco community, Rubén, 20, is one of the youngest sons of Dona Rafaela Guzmán and Don Víctor Martínez, who have put trust in their son for professional training, with values and intercultural humanist sense, that allow him, in the future, to help others.

Since I was a child he has trained with his family under Christian values and solidarity, "When I see a person who is going through difficult problems, I feel that pain within me as if it were me, I look for a way to approach and talk to him to comfort him, and my greatest satisfaction is when I see that somehow I could help him," he said.

His motivation for psychology.

His primary and secondary academic studies begin at Emmanuel Mongalo School in Orinoco, where he met one of his teachers, Professor Habraham Humphries, who graduated from the career of Business Administration at URACCAN, he motivated him to study Psychology, as he saw his ability to work with others and be of help to them.

"When I was in high school, my greatest motivation was to see people who are always committed to helping others, giving them words of motivation to succeed; one of those people was Professor Habraham, he was always sharing words of encouragement and motivation," he narrated.

"That's where my curiosity about psychology is born and I realized that it's a profession in which human behavior is studied, and look for ways to help solve problems they face," he continued.

"The professor knew about the processes of this university so he guided me so I could have the opportunity to qualify for an internal scholarship and come from my community to Bluefields and start my professionalization," he said.

Emotions found

After his decision, the young man recounts some of the experiences lived in his family and community. "Having come and left my community, my family, my parents was very difficult; Seeing my mom with her sad eyes on my way out is very strong, but I also remember what she said to me: you have to get ahead, I know it won't be easy for me to be alone here at home, but you have to go out and get your goals, study and be someone in the future," she said.

Long-term projections

Finally, Ruben commented that he wants to return to his community and contribute his people, helping young people, providing talks and words of support and motivation. "Today was my first day in college, with the propedeutic course I was very happy to see that I am already here, I am already starting with my goals, I met new people, the teacher and it has been very pleasant to have started in the best way," he said.

"My projections are now to be a good student during the years of stay at this university and in the career, so that the effort of my parents and mine can have good results." The young man finished