They facilitate space for dialogue with teaching staff at URACCAN las Minas venue
Dialogue with teaching staff at URACCAN Las Minas venue
Dialogue with teaching staff at URACCAN Las Minas venue
Ada Madrigal

Within the framework of the prevention and approach of violence and discrimination, the Center for Multi-ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM-URACCAN), in articulation with the institutional commission for the eradication of manifestations of discrimination, gender-based violence and related intolerance, developed a conversation to promote a culture of peace in the university community at URACCAN campus Las Minas on its campus in Siuna.

The objective of the conversation was to reflect on the institutional values and principles that lead to the promotion of individual, collective and labor commitments for the construction of a fairer and happier society.

In this sense, it was done with the teaching staff, who "are the main allies to promote respect, empathy, solidarity and humanism in the face of possible manifestations of violence and discrimination that may arise within classrooms," explained teacher Carolina Blanco, chairwoman of the commission.

For his part, Deyling Torres, professor at the compound, noted that "as teachers we can and must contribute to that culture of peace, as an individual and collective responsibility of the university for the community," he said.

The conversation was attended by 19 full-time teachers and 2 area coordinations, who endorsed such processes as strategies necessary to harmonize the context, prior to the institutional electoral process.