Articulation, dialogue and planning of institutional processes that strengthen learning processes
Joint session at URACCAN New Guinea venue
Joint session at URACCAN New Guinea venue
Judith Robleto

As part of the exercise of articulation, dialogue and process planning that contribute to institutional strengthening, the academic area of URACCAN Campus New Guinea held a working session with the participation of vice-chancellor, administration, coordination and area managers.

The agenda began with the dialogue of the institutional mission and vision, where input was made from the participants, regarding the continuous practice, with quality and warmth of academic processes.

It also discussed joint responsibility for keeping the enclosure clean, "cleaning in the enclosure is a team effort, if we all work to combat bad hygiene practices, it will be better," said teacher Jancy Moraga, head of educational technology at the compound.

On the other hand, the teacher Consuelo Blandón, academic secretary of the campus, emphasized that there are more technological equipment for the use of the student, "the English laboratory has 20 computers, I5 new, in the computer lab there are 28, while in the library we have 11 computers and 8 that are in the center of innovation, are available to the student and the people who need to use them within the university community" Blandon said.

URACCAN prepares to live elections with civics

The academic meeting was also the setting for reporting on the processes that are lived as a university, within them the electoral calendar. "We hope that it will be a civic festival and that it will take place within the framework of respect, with the participation of all," said elsa Robles, chairman of the electoral committee on the premises.