And the Importance of Addressing Depression

By: Josselyn Flores

URACCAN, from its model of Intercultural Community University, committed to the regional health model, from the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development (IMTRADEC) in the Bluefields campus, coordinates sexual health activities, taught by obstetric nurse Kathleen Furey, originally from Minessota (USA), in conjunction with Teacher Grace Kelly, coordinator of that institute.

In this context, she went into talks with students of the 4th year of Psychology in Multicultural contexts to inform and share fundamental aspects that brings her to live her sexuality with responsibility, with the theme "Mood screening in pregnancy and postpartum depression", focused on analyzing with young students, the process that pregnant women have before and after childbirth.


For her part, Master Kelly, noted that participants shared their experiences and acquired new knowledge that will be helpful in the care they will provide in their profession of psychological therapists, "young women shared their experiences in the same way that they knew the importance of caring for a pregnant woman physically and emotionally."

The Latent Enemy Depression

In this same space, they also shared issues related to the causes of depression, according to Nurse Kathleen, "depression can be treated with accessible medicines, like any other disease, that can be cured, and not reach extreme measures such as suicide."

For students, the talk was beneficial because of the input provided and the knowledge shared for their future interaction with pregnant patients, as well as with people suffering from depression or showing signs of suicide, so said student Lygia Soto, "it was very constructive, I acquired new knowledge, it is important because that is how we pass it on to others to help them."