Exchange of experiences of traditional doctors.

By: Josselyn Flores

With the aim of providing training on coronavirus, a disease that warns everyone, the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development (IMTRADEC) conducted an exchange of experiences of traditional physicians, at the URACCAN Bluefields Campus.

Teacher Ivania Garth, imTRADEC assistant, explained the importance in the model of traditional medicine about this disease, "we have been seeing with them, some symptoms that may occur in patients with this new disease, so that they know how to manage the situation, since we know that traditional doctors have been working for many years, and although there are great advances with the health system there are still many people who choose to seek care in traditional medicine," he said.

According to Garth, "the training was coordinated with the Ministry of Health (MINSA) which provided preventive measures, important to take into account when giving attention, "with this information they will be able to carry out health promotion in the neighborhoods, the community where they live or the place where they serve as a traditional doctor," he said.

Garth emphasized that in this dialogue space it was observed that traditional agents handle information about the symptoms of this new virus, "so this training served to strengthen, the knowledge they have already received with the ministry of health and we hope that this work that has been done can serve to unite us as health personnel , and contribute to improving the quality of life of our population," he said,

In the same sense, the doctor in charge of speaking from the scientific part of the Coronavirus, Dr. Susy Mayorga, deputy teaching director of SILAIS Bluefields, said that "as a ministry of health we have a work articulated with the community network and traditional doctors, this was a first talk, but within the strategies is the training to let them know what to do in the face of a suspicion of a person who may have coronavirus , with these spaces of concertation of knowledge they will have the strength to be able to guide others and refer them to a health unit, when required," he said.

The URACCAN is recognized, by traditional health agents, for the accompaniment it provides, in training spaces through IMTRADEC, before it Ms. Patricia Cash, a traditional bluefields physician, noted that "the university has always invited us to share new experiences, and today to talk about this disease and see that we can help as traditional doctors , if in a given case the outbreak reaches the country as we deal with a variety of diseases from simple flus to pneumonia, which we cure with accessible and easy-to-find medicinal plants," he said.