URACCAN bilwi enclosure departments work in institutional pre-planning 2021
The processes recorded in the SGU must be well detailed, so all areas of the university are being trained.
Neylin Calderon

Induction process to area managers and coordinators

The Institutional Planning area of the Bilwi campus trained managers and coordinations of the various departments of this university campus, with the purpose of inducing them in the use of the University Management System, in view of the pre-planning process of the annual Operational Plan 2021.

Faced with this, Master Abner Figueroa, responsible for the area of Institutional Planning stated that URACCAN works on strategic planning and in this way the different levels can be guided to carry out the plan of the activities to be carried out throughout the year, that is why previously the pre-planning process is carried out.

It is the duty of universities to comply with their regulatory laws. In the case of URACCAN, as an active member of the National Council of Universities (UNC), it began this week with the delivery of pre-planning in all campuses and university extensions; "that this is a mandate of law (...) one of the goodness it has is that it goes hand in hand with the budget and the instances that regulate universities, in this case the UNC, ask for this budget generally between October and November," the teacher explained.

URACCAN, updated with Information Technologies

Figueroa also stated that URACCAN previously worked manually, but that now, with the new technological updates, it was chosen to use the University Management System (SGU), where each area, institutes and centers of the university must digitally enter the activities scheduled annually.

"We plan online and everything is articulated with the different components that are in the system, in this case, planning with budget, and that is why some people are induction, in the case of new human talents hired and others are promoted to new positions, then, they are people who do not manage the whole planning process itself , so they should be induced to create activities," Abner explained.

In the pre-planning carried out from the SGU, the processes must be well detailed, the activities with their means of verification and with the inclusion of the budget.