URACCAN's IREMADES Bluefields venue holds talk on food and nutrition security
During the activity there was much debate around the effects of Covid-19 on family food security.
Noel Aguilera

Participants showed great interest in home gardens

At URACCAN's Institute of Natural Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development (IREMADES) Bluefields held a talk on food and nutrition security, in commemoration of 16 October, World Food Day.

In order to raise awareness and lessen hunger in the world, the educational talk began under the slogan "Cultivate, nurture, preserve together", in which the administrative staff of the venue participated. The approach to this problem was done from the current pandemic context and its impacts on food security.

Teacher Xiomara Treminio, coordinator of IREMADES, said that "the idea of the activity is to share the difficulties we have had with regard to food security in relation to the pandemic, this year the motto is focused on the heroes of food as are the people who sow, harvest, transport that are the ones who are with us always relying on the whole food process".

Participants contributed to the idea of homemade orchards that provide better health for both children and the elderly; Similarly, emphasis was placed on instructing the general population to practice healthy eating habits, in this case the consumption of vegetables, fruits, which are of great benefit and that contribute to a better immune system response in cases of disease.

Based on the context, the price of each of these products, which are of paramount importance for consumption, of how it affects the low-income population by not being able to afford them was pointed out and therefore leads to uns suitable nutrition, excessive consumption of junk food and processed foods, which over time leads to health risks.

The Licda. Katherine Flores, URACCAN's Occupational Safety and Hygiene technique, argued that "it is of paramount importance to eat healthy foods in our diet, but this must be instilled from family ceno, because they are healthy habits that we have been inheriting from our children, having a balanced diet allows us to have good health and extend our lifespan as well as supplement it with routine activities : exercise, having control over our weight, performing preventive tests to detect in time diseases caused by the consumption of unhealthy foods, all this goes hand in hand with good nutrition.

According to Treminio, it is very important this activity, since it is a topic that is not being taken as relevant and it is, because the more nourished the human body is, the stronger it becomes to resist any disease, from this space the rescue of indigenous foods that are consumers that provide great benefits, such as pejibaye and countless fruits harvested in the region is focused.