URACCAN's new student leadership elected at Bluefields campus
In the photographs, the Student Electoral Committee, conducting the voting process with Sunday shift students.
Josselyng Flowers

Successful closing of votes

With a majority of votes was approved the new student leadership of URACCAN in the Bluefields campus, which is headed by the students Eddy Burgalin, of Agroforestry Engineering, and Yancy Pravia, of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts, whose formula, according to the Electoral Committee, will be presented, with all its members, on Monday, November 30 in all classrooms.

It is important to note that the URACCAN authorities monitored the entire voting process, implemented by the Student Electoral Committee, in order to ensure the participation of all the students of the venue and the validity of the process.

According to Stafford Mcfields, a member of the Electoral Committee, "in these three days we were here we conducted the election process, which marched calmly and normally, where students exercised their right to vote", under the accompaniment of the director of Student Welfare, Léster Molina, the director of External Cooperation, Ilenia García, and the academic secretary of the venue, Heidi Guillén.

Acceptance of the new leadership by the educational community

The outgoing president, Virginia Aragon, expressed her eternal gratitude to the students who supported her during her period and took the opportunity to invite them to continue working with the new student leadership.

"I congratulate the boys who will be in this new period and for their acceptance with the university community of the campus and the colleagues who were in this process working on the votes. We will continue to work hand in hand with them, supporting them in what can be done in all this walk," she said.