Recreation dynamics to motivate and lift the spirits of URACCAN Bluefields enclosure teams
The groups of the venue have shown their firmness and optimism in the face of competition.
Josselyn Flores

Dynamics encouraged new ideas in students for their audiovisual products

For 15 hours, behind closed doors is URACCAN's Nora Rigby Library at the Bluefields venue, where four multidisciplinary groups of students undertook the mission of participating in the 2020 Latin American Innovation Rally. At nightfall, these teams performed a dance and playful dynamics to clear and lessen the tensions of the hard work they have done.

During this process they have demonstrated their skills and skills to solve challenges and challenges that have arisen in this competition, which also seeks to address social problems faced by Latin American countries.

In this sense, the young representatives of the first intercultural community university work on the basis of the philosophy of institutional life, from the worldviews of their peoples and contributing to the good life.

Accompaniment of the team for the well-being of young people

From an early age, members of the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development (IMTRADEC) were mobilized to ensure that all 16 students receive immediate attention at the time of an eventuality.

In addition, a committee of teachers was formed to accompany the boys and encourage them in tense moments, through dynamics and psychological strategies that motivate assertive work.

The teacher Marbella Jirón held a dance and games session in which, excitedly, the boys participated. This strengthened the mood in them and gave them ideas for recording their TikTok, as part of the challenges among universities in other countries.

In this regard, Teacher Jiron stated that "the session was held because we feel that at this time the boys might present tiredness, then we decided to make an activation dynamic and then a dynamic of relaxation that can relax their muscles and continue the work. Within the plan it is planned to conduct early morning relaxation sessions with students."