Morning advances from the second day of Rally 2020 at URACCAN Bluefields venue
Young people have shown great determination and commitment in their respective challenges.
Josselyn Flores

URACCAN is, at the national level, the university that has complied in a timely way with the reports of the process.

With great enthusiasm and great determination, the boys and girls remain firm in the competition, which has left them great experiences, giving everything to put the name URACCAN aloft, highlighted the teacher Heidi Guillén, academic secretary of the Bluefields venue.

24 hours have passed from the competition of the International Innovation Rally 2020, where the university teams of the first intercultural community university represent an arduous work, with proposals framed in the philosophy of life of this institution.

According to the academic secretary, "during the hours of the night and the morning, they have been accompanied by the authorities of the venue, that accompaniment generated that the boys continue their work generating solutions to their projects".

"By this time of the morning, the boys are already in the video-making stage of solving the challenges; in record time they fulfilled the delivery of the first two jobs," the station's staff member reported.

Teacher Bernandine Dixon, director of the Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Study and Research (CEIMM), has also accompanied the student process at the Bluefields campus. For her, these young people "are our URACCAN winners, from the moment they started this rally."

"It is incredible to see the enthusiasm and commitment of students to work together and try to help each other as a team, which in the end we are aiming for, to take up those principles and values of our university, the issue of complementarity, solidarity and throughout this process we have seen that they have put them into practice," explained the director of CEIMM.

Commitment and compliance

During the morning, teacher Heidi Guillén was informed that, at the national level, URACCAN is the university that has complied in a timely way with the reports of the student's work process, this is thanks to the work and effort of the committees of teachers and mentors who accompany and guide the students, as well as the follow-up given by the entire Intercultural Communication team of this institution.