Fumigation day to prevent diseases in Las Minas enclosure
Ministry of Health official fumigating classrooms.
Algiers Hernandez

Pest and disease prevention campaign

In order to control pests and prevent the various vector diseases affecting in the winter season, the Ministry of Health sprayed the facilities of the URACCAN Las Minas enclosure.

"We are grateful, the Ministry of Health has made a huge contribution to the university directly benefiting the health and well-being of the workers of the institution," said Laura López Polanco, Hygiene and Safety Technique at Las Minas campus.  

Lopez stated that "with these activities, the Ministry of Health prevents the proliferation of mosquitoes, reducing the risk of acquiring vector diseases, which prevents the performance of each of the employees of the enclosure".

Hygiene activities have been developed from the Las Minas campus, with the aim of preventing and protecting the health of all officials.

"So far, 8 fumigations have been made in the enclosure in all areas and interned, 3 disinfections in all areas, 4 BTI applications in containers and swimming pools," López reported.

For his part, Dr. Elvin Centeno, epidemiologist at the HPCC of Siuna, noted that "this day of fumigation in areas of concentration and institutions has been very good results".

"We continue to articulate these health activities with the university, with whom we have maintained very good relationships and mutual aids," Centeno said.

We have dedicated establishing a day for fumigation, so it will be the Friday days of each week, there we will reach institutions such as the National Police, universities and other institutions that work for the state," concluded the epidemiologist.