Fumigation day at URACCAN Bluefields venue
MINSA workers sprayed all URACCAN spaces in their Bluefields enclosure.
Josselyn Flores

Preventing disease during the rainy season

As a preventive measure against the arrival of the rainy period, in which pests of stilts and disease-transmitting rodents are unleashed, URACCAN Bluefields enclosure and the Ministry of Health (MINSA) have held a day of fumigation in all campus facilities.

Depending on preventing the entry of the dengue mosquito, the Ministry of Health, in coordination with URACCAN's Occupational Hygiene and Safety area, continue to take health actions to protect the university community.

It should be noted that this is done under the MINSA's fumigation plan in Bluefields homes, schools, institutions and universities in the face of the winter season.

Faced with this, the Licda. Katherine Flores, head of Hygiene and Work Safety at the compound, said that "this fumigation is being carried out with the aim of controlling pests that are unleashed in the winter period."

Flores notes that "this activity is constantly carried out in the premises in order to ensure the health of our employees, always articulated with the Ministry of Health."

In the same sense, the civil service says that "this is how we prepare for the arrival of winter, which generates viral diseases caused by the dengue mosquito and malaria; with these stockings we prepare to deal with these diseases and to protect the staff working in the institution as well as the student population."

The Head of Hygiene and Safety explained that she will also coordinate with MINSA to re-disinfect chlorine throughout the enclosure, as a preventive measure to reduce COVID-19 infection.

These health activities are part of the URACCAN security protocol, which has been arranged for the four campuses and extensions, in order to continue to protect the entire university community.