Successfully completes workshop with indigenous women in Sandy Bay Sirpi neighborhood
The workshop involved women of different ages, who valued it positively.
Neylin Calderon

Activity organized by THE CEIMM-URACCAN Bilwi enclosure

The workshop on Violence, Gender and Spirituality, taught by the Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM-URACCAN), concluded this week, with the participation of 33 women from the Sandy Bay Sirpi neighborhood of Bilwi City, who valued it positively because they will be able to feed back the information with society at large.

Participant Bielka Victoria Nuth said that with these kinds of talks they can get to know how many types of violence exist "there are talking about several points of violence: physical, verbal and territorial (...). There are many women who are suffering these problems, so we are sharing, interacting what problems we are going through."

While young Yailing Pittan Henry felt that these three days of training have been full of apprenticeships. "I have gained a nice experience and I hope to share with family members, colleagues so that they are informed, because in this time there is a lot of violence and as a result there are femicides and it would be good if that were diminished," he emphasized.

Ana Emilia Hunter Borge, also a resident of the Sandy Bay Sirpi neighborhood, said that through these dialogues of knowledge the empowerment of Caribbean women is achieved. "There are many women who live violence and no one knows, they live in their homes and we are looking for the reality of how to live without violence," he testified.

This workshop began last Monday, August 17, which is part of the process of returning results from the study "Gender, Violence and Spirituality" carried out by CEIMM-URACCAN.