Conduct evaluation and planning meeting at URACCAN extension in Waslala
One of the agreements was to create a follow-up plan for graduates of the extension.
José Garth Medina

The coordination of URACCAN Waslala, by teacher Rosidani Molina, held a meeting with her faculty, in order to share the follow-up to the use of the virtual platform in the teaching-learning process.

Teacher Molina said that work is being worked articulated with the different areas, to ensure compliance with planned activities in the quarter.

Molina added that, for this, meetings are held with the teaching staff, to report on activities, analyze and assess the fulfillment of the actions, and from this some situations are discussed and the necessary measures are taken.

Angela López, academic manager of the extension, said that she works with permanent teachers providing accompaniment to the learning processes, in the search for excellence.

Several agenda items were addressed at the meeting, but a reflection was previously made of the URACCAN Mission and Vision, framed in the academic life of this university extension.

The meeting with the teaching staff stated that further work should be done to ensure the prevention measures set out in the institution's own security protocol.

Teacher Molina said that among the main agreements they reached with faculty, it highlights the monitoring of the use of the virtual platform by the university community. The other agreement has to do with a follow-up plan for graduates from different areas of knowledge, and finally it was agreed that the CCRISAC profiles would be developed.

URACCAN, from its model of Intercultural Community University, brings higher education closer to the peoples of the Caribbean Coast.