Visit to schools benefiting from the project

By: Neylin Calderón

URACCAN, through the Institute for Linguistic and Cultural Promotion (IPILC-URACCAN), from the Bilwi university campus, in coordination with the Community Action for Reading and Security (CARS) program, through the Grant Agreement between DevTech Systems, Inc. and URACCAN and under funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) , worked on a project to strengthen reading in first through third graders in the municipality of Puerto Cabezas.

In this context, work has also been done to strengthen teaching-learning methodologies in teachers who share knowledge to first through third graders in Primary, which is why visits were made to the schools benefiting in the urban area of Bilwi, the Moravo Doris Robb Gabay College, Julio Bucardo Public College and the New Jerusalem College , to complete another stage of the CARS Project.

Reading comprehension in the student

"As a result of each of the accompaniments we have seen changes," argued teacher Elizabeth Solomon, IPILC-URACCAN coordinator at the Bilwi compound and COORDINATOR of the CARS project, and also thanked each of the teachers for trying to meet the goals and objectives "Despite many difficulties and situations in the classroom they have been working with their materials , as corners of learning and I hope that exercise you have practiced will continue," Solomon said.

For her part, Professor Aurelia Ocampo Conrado, teacher of the Moravo Doris Robb Gabay College, stated that before this project "Children were not reading, nor with syllables, but with support with CARS we now do better", the teacher stressed.

Strengthening pedagogical methodologies

In addition, Professor Kenny Escobar Saballos, teacher of the first grade of the Moravo Doris Robb Gabay College, said that for six years she has been a knowledge facilitator to first graders, that is why she has seen the change this year with the accompaniment of the Project, "As teachers we must be creative, thanks to the project the children learned a lot and we too , because it motivated us a lot to stop being traditional teachers," he emphasized.

Also, professor Ivania Moody, director of the Julio Bucardo Public School, said that through the project, the student and her teachers strengthened their knowledge through the teaching materials, also "With parents implementing trainings, workshops, talks in education, then, it strengthened us (...) we looked at changes in reading, with parents who didn't want to visit us before, now with the project when we sent an invitation, they came to the talks," he said.

It should be noted that URACCAN, in its processes of community articulation and accompaniment, continues to implement methodologies that contribute to the company, this time being part of the process of accompanying primary school teachers to strengthen their pedagogical methodologies through the CARS project, and in compliance with the agreement made with a grant between DevTech Systems, Inc., In this way, schools benefiting from this project continue to create new professionals with skills and relevant to the needs of the Region.