First Open Innovation Season concludes with 11 graduates at URACCAN Las Minas
URACCAN authorities with young graduates and ADIFIN members during the ceremony.
José Garth Medina

11 students, 6 women and 5 boys, graduated from this valuable project.

The First Season of Open Innovation officially ended with the graduation of 11 students of Social Sciences with mention in Local Development, Systems Engineering, Administrative Informatics and Accounting, who jointly developed the challenge of a web platform for people with disabilities. This important process was developed from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Directorate of URACCAN and from the Center for Intercultural Community Innovation "Kiulna", of the Las Minas campus.

A total of 11 students, made up of 6 women and five boys, managed to complete the project, which was of great value to the students and members of ADIFIN, who are disabled in Siuna, as expressed by the Ing, Joel Montenegro, coordinator of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship area of this venue.

During the graduation event, where Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of URACCAN, and Vice-Chancellor of the Las Minas campus, both students and members of ADIFIN and the authorities of the Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM) shared the experiences of student groups and persons with disabilities.

The experiences that students had were the best teaching and learning, full of feelings for living with the reality that this group has excluded from our society. One of the students explained that it was hard to see the conditions in which these people develop, which are discriminated against by their families and society, so she said that something must be done and at least from the platform a legacy is left, a way for this group to have access to decent work.

Since CEIMM, this first season of open innovation began with the demands of one of the sectors of excluded groups such as people with disabilities, said Dr. Jacoba Dávila Molina, coordinator of CEIMM Las Minas.

Students raised and dreamed of an institute that assures these people of courses that allow them to insert themselves into life, more prepared and developing the skills that each of them have.

However, with consultations and conversations with the ADIFIN partner and their membership was changed and in the end it remained as a web platform, you will have up-to-date information about this group and its skills.

Edwin Osmar Zeledón Ochoa, manager of ADIFIN, said they don't want to be seen and helped with pity, not to be seen as people who are poor because of some disability, because they are still people like everyone else.

Words by Dr. Alta Hooker: URACCAN's Community Social Extension

Finally, the rector Alta Hooker told them to deploy all their dreams, that URACCAN always seeks allies in order to make those dreams come true. Very excited, Dr. Hooker said that URACCAN is a university that responds to the needs of its population and context.

"These life projects that we are doing accompanied by CARCIP are dreams that the university has had and every day we open the folder and we find a new dream and solve a new dream," she said, recalling that, according to the law, each institution must have a person with a disability, but we are the ones who must look for colleagues to help us make that law a reality.

URACCAN, from its Mission and Vision, is committed to the community and to the processes of innovation and entrepreneurship that radiating in the well-being of its students and their families on the Caribbean Coast.