URACCAN Las Minas university community participates in blood donation day
The university community of URACCAN participates in this noble cause.
José Garth Medina

Marvin Rodriguez: "Donating blood is an act of will and a gesture of generosity."

A team from banco Nacional de Sangre is located in Siuna and, since its arrival, the university community of URACCAN Las Minas began to donate its blood, thus joining the humanitarian cause of saving lives in Nicaragua.

Carelia del Carmen Aguilar, student of Intercultural Nursing at this campus, said that as a nurse she is aware that by donating blood she helps others who need it.

"The most important thing is that we are all consenting and have the will to donate blood. As future nurses we must think beyond our families and this is an opportunity we have to help others who need our blood," Aguilar mused.

Marvin Antonio Rodríguez, also a student of this career, assured that donating blood is an act of will and a gesture of generosity, as this saves many lives.

"I urge all the people we are fit to donate to us and donate our blood, for that way we are contributing to save lives. because there are many people who need it in the different hospitals of the country," Rodriguez said.

José Aníbal Ruedas, of the National Blood Bank, explained that during the week they are in Siuna and he has articulated with URACCAN so that the university community can collaborate with this noble cause.

URACCAN Vice-Chancellor Las Minas, Angélica Leonor Ruiz Calderón, PhD, said that since institutional management we have been working with Banco de Sangre and UNEN, to ensure that our university community can contribute its grain of sand to save lives in the country.