CEIMM and Commission for the Eradication of Violence conduct talks with women of different ethnicities
Teacher Antonia McCoy thanked Radio URACCAN Bluefields for being a space that promotes activities promoted by CEIMM.
Edelmari Murillo

The activity was titled "Indigenous Woman and Leadership".

Following the commemoration of the International Day of Indigenous Women, held on 5 September, the Centre for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM) and the Commission for the Eradication of Gender-Based Discrimination and Violence and Other Related Intolerance of the Bluefields Campus, conducted a conversation with women of different ethnicities, who work in the various campuses of this study house and also with community leaders , where each shared the different experiences, challenges and difficulties they face as indigenous women.

This program aims to facilitate this space of knowledge, knowledge, feelings and doing among indigenous women of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua. The Licda. Ana Rojas explained that "this day is commemorated by the indigenous woman Bartolina Sisa, who commanded an army to fight a war at the time, and thus we look at how we are exercising leadership as an indigenous woman, whether in college, church and community; this is very important because all women are leaders and over time we have developed it little by little."

Each woman has leadership from home, it is important to report on different topics, which highlight the performance of different women in any field, taking into account that these can perform different tasks.

In this sense, teacher Antonia McCoy said that "in this compartment that was had with the different women leaders, different challenges that they face to exercise leadership in public spaces as women and many more as indigenous women stand out, most of us are leaders in private spaces, such as our homes."

McCoy thanked each of the spaces that collaborated with this small talk, "the Commission on the Elimination of Discrimination, Gender-Based Violence and Other Related Intolerance, in conjunction with CEIMM-URACCAN and the radio space that always supports us when these knowledge-sharing techniques are used."