Call for Specialized Course in English has had good results at URACCAN Bluefields venue
Applicants must earn a B1 level in English to be eligible candidates.
Josselyn Flores

Contributing to the professional development of the Caribbean Coast

As part of the call for the Specialized Course in English offered by URACCAN in conjunction with Telcor, executed through the CARCIP program, the recruitment process was carried out at the Bluefields venue, having good results in terms of the attendance of young people with good level in the language.

In this sense, a group of English teachers have received more than 70 applicants this week, who have been part of a interview process and test application to identify their level of English.

In this regard, teacher Diana Aristhomenes, English teacher on this campus, refers that "after this process of application of test and interviews, we continue with the selection stage, since this quota is limited for 60 candidates. Therefore, we will choose the best levels, to start with the course on September 21 in a regular face-to-face mode in three shifts: morning, evening and night".

She also refers to the teacher who has achieved a satisfactory result in the recruitment process, with a very good acceptance and participation of the young Costaeños.

"We see this process as a total success; in the interviews we have noticed that most have reached the required level; it takes the commitment of the applicants, so in the interview you are asked how will you organize your time and the hours you will dedicate to self-study to practice what you learned in the classroom that day?" explained the teacher.

Recruitment process

Two moments of recruitment have been worked on at this stage. First in an interview with English teachers; and then move on to a virtual classroom to take their application test.

The Licda. Danelie Cuthbert, also an English teacher at the venue, explained that "the boys are first conducting an interview with the teachers; they then proceed to take an exam in which they have to demonstrate a B1 level to be candidates for a quota."