Successfully concludes workshop on bio-intensive growing methods, powered by IREMADES and blueEnergy
Students who participated in the workshop and created an orchard with bio-intensive methods.
Noel Aguilera

The Institute of Natural Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development (IREMADES) of URACCAN Bluefields, in conjunction with blueEnergy and Student Welfare, successfully completed the workshop on bio-intensive farming methods, through which the scholarship students of this campus created an orchard for food security purposes.

According to teacher Xiomara Término, coordinator of IREMADES, "IREMADES and URACCAN thank, first of all, students for being partakers of this important workshop and blueEnergy for having supported us with the facilitation of trainers in the field, for the dedication and patience with each of us in sharing their knowledge".

As part of the completion of the workshop, the Licda made a presence. Sandra Pavón, country director of blueEnergy, who said that "we are glad that this three-day workshop is being developed in what is the method of bio-intensive cultivation, where students from the different careers of this enclosure are participating; this workshop is of great importance, as it allows to implement these cultivation practices at the home level and at community level, which is the case of this university campus; our goal is to be a massive movement of people who know and implement this method of cultivation so that it can be replicated in the families and communities of our region."

Agroforestry Engineering student Luis Solano said that "I have been very excited and satisfied with what I have learned from the instructors, since the development of bio-intensive beds is a very important topic in our region, because our soils have been used irrationally and in an uns suitable way, this system comes to teach us that we can grow organically and that we can obtain good productions of high yields , it is also satisfying to know that this can help us in our career, as is my case, it contributes to give one more guideline to what I am learning at my level of study and that I can contribute to my community and put it into practice by developing nurseries and sharing with the community."

This workshop culminated in an activity where there was feedback between students and trainers regarding the garden preparation process, as well as providing students with certificates of participation throughout the learning and implementation process.