New Guinea venue authorities meet to evaluate virtual classes
Authorities of URACCAN precinct New Guinea during the meeting chaired by Vice-Chancellor Eugenio López.
Judith Robleto

Promoting quality virtual education in the face of the crisis

Since 2008, URACCAN has incorporated virtual platforms into its academic work, which has been strengthening year after year. Based on this and the current difficult context, the authorities of the New Guinea precinct held an accompanying meeting with the management and academic management of the university, to analyze the implementation of the Institutional Mission and Vision on the subject of the virtual educational modality and how it has been positively impacted on the university community.

For teacher Jancy Moraga, URACCAN's technology expert and head of Educational Technology at the New Guinea campus, the implementation of online classes is "a dynamic job, teachers have responded and are making use of the platform from the particularities of each other, but with the strictness of doing virtual teaching".

Moraga, moreover, says that "URACCAN has invested for the better, both personnel and equipment and trained in virtuality; you are seeing the results and that is when it should be implemented."

For his part, the deputy vice-chancellor of the compound, PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, states that "the issue of virtuality is a component that has already been worked on and therefore has experience since offering courses at the Open Online University of Nicaragua; but also the use of virtuality has been a process of complementarity of learning processes."

In the same sense, teacher Consuelo Blandón, academic secretary of the venue, says that "one hundred percent of our teachers are trained in the use of the virtual platform; year after year we train them at the beginning of the semester and in the intersmestral, so that they are using new tools that have the virtual platform of URACCAN and everything a student and a teacher need to interact."

Blandón also argues that at present and from the assurance of educational relevance "learning guides, forums, tasks in which the student interacts with the teacher are being uploaded".