Briefing with teachers of the Bilwi campus
Teaching guild of URACCAN Bilwi venue, during the assembly convened by Vice-Chancellor and Academic Secretariat.
Neylin Calderon

Valuations of virtual classes

Vice-Chancellor and Academic Secretariat of the Bilwi campus held an informational assembly with the teaching guild, with the purpose of assessing the process of virtual classes, a measure taken by the URACCAN authorities to avoid crowds in university campuses.

Teacher Ivonne McLean, an academic secretary, said the assembly involved education coordinators, full-time teachers, and schedules and was done with "the purpose of presenting class assessment on the virtual platform in each area."

McLean also stated that so far "there is a good breakthrough: teachers and students are doing their best", and that, like any process, there are some difficulties, but this conversation served to clarify some concerns with the teaching of the venue.

Sixth Technical Council of the Campus

Another of the activities carried out on Wednesday, June 10 at the Bilwi venue, was the sixth session of the Technical Council of the Campus (CTR), where the members of the board participated; this was done in order to assess the progress of courses on the virtual platform, in addition to analyzing the first week of online classes.

McLean reported that in this session "each coordinator presented the status of the courses and an assessment of achievements, limitations and recommendations to continue strengthening classes on the virtual platform, ensuring that each class on the platform has the pedagogical guidelines".

Finally, the academic argued that academic activities are carried out within normality according to planning, educational continuity strategy and according to the academic calendar, implementing all prevention measures against the coronavirus pandemic.