Learning communities evaluate modality by meeting at Bilwi campus
Authorities of the venue in meeting evaluation of the virtual educational process.
Neylin Calderon

Collective learning processes

Learning communities of the Bilwi campus met with the purpose of analyzing the progress of classes in the virtual platform and the continuity of compliance with the academic calendar 2020.

According to the teacher Ivonne McLean, academic secretary of that campus, so far the assessment is positive, as "the coordinators expressed that there is a willingness of teachers to improve educational processes on the virtual platform".

In addition, from the coordinations of educational areas they valued positive "communication between teachers and students, making use of different media, including WhatsApp", McLean said.

The academic also reported that during this week the evaluation processes will be carried out, ending the first regular semester, and the completion of the second partial according to the academic calendar continues.

Teacher training on the virtual platform

In order to complete the process of evaluative testing corresponding to the second partial of this first semester, the Institutional Information and Communication Technology System (SITICI-URACCAN) conducted training on the use of the virtual platform, aimed at teachers of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts.

The Licda. Teisey Allen said that "the goal was to prepare for the application of exams through the virtual platform".