URACCAN authorities recognize academic excellence 2020
Pictured, URACCAN Secretary General PhD. José Saballos, with academic excellence 2020 and student representatives.
Dara Contreras

The will to train professionals committed and proud of their cultural identity

Shelomi Cicil Sambola Marble, originally from the community of Halouver, in the municipality of Laguna de Perlas, was awarded the Rubén Darío Award for Academic Excellence 2020 by the University Higher Council of Central America and the Caribbean (CSUCA). In addition, the best averages of all URACCAN venues were recognized, in an important event held at the Bluefields campus, where the authorities of this institution of higher education were also present.

This celebration takes place in the context of the festivities of the 26 years of URACCAN and the 33 of Regional Autonomy, and in this context the rector of this institution, Dr. Alta Hooker, recalls the beginnings of this house of higher education, which was constituted with the purpose of restoring the right to quality higher education, for the costaeños. "We had no infrastructure, we had nothing, what we had was will," Dr Hooker stressed.

Dr. Hooker personally gave the recognition and medal to the award-winning student, emphasizing the coastal pride that this recognition represents, especially for URACCAN. "Little by little we are doing the restitution of peoples' rights and this has taught us that students must be first in everything," she said in her official speech at the event.

For her part, Shelomi Sambola, who is in her senior year in English-mentioned Education Sciences, said that this award is thanks to teamwork, thanking God, her family and the URACCAN authorities, and highlights her commitment and dedication during her career process.

Regional authorities were present at this event, including Jhonny Hodgson, presidential delegate for the Caribbean, authorities of the four university campuses, where students of Academic Excellence at the venue level and the two best students who came out in 2018 and 2019, accompanied by their families and friends, were also recognized and awarded.

It should be mentioned that the act of the 15th edition of the Rubén Darío Award for Academic Excellence 2020, would be held in Costa Rica, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was held through a virtual forum, where Sambola says, was a pleasant space.

URACCAN academic excellence

Daneysi Abeda Dávila, student of the career of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts of the Bilwi enclosure; Esmir Bobadilla, student of the career of Business Administration with mention in Banking and Finance, of the Las Minas campus; Jenny Suarez, a student in new Guinea's History Education Sciences degree, was also recognized with the Academic Excellence Award at the venue level.

URACCAN recognizes the work it has been doing for 26 years, in the training of professionals, committed to social problems from an inclusive approach, and is committed to strengthening this community and intercultural educational model, in order to continue restoring the right to quality education, which recognizes and makes visible the knowledge, practices and knowledge of the peoples originating in the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast.