Welcome to students

By: Josselyn Flores

Within the framework of the activities carried out at the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, (URACCAN), Bluefields campus, as part of the beginning of the first semester, the student assemblies are held with each career of the different modalities, with the aim of publicize each of the orientations of this house of intercultural higher education to the student community.

In this sense since Thursday, February 27 of the current, these assemblies have been held with students of re-entry and new income, where academic orientations are lowered and welcomes students.

Teacher Heidi Guillen, the campus's academic secretary, urged them to continue and complete their studies satisfactorily.

In the same way the teacher Diala López vice-chancellor of this venue, welcomed the students to this new semester.

In the same sense, URACCAN also recognizes those students who strive to obtain a high average in their subjects, that is why the best students of the previous semester, from the area of education and language sciences, were given to the student of the English career Maycol Ortega Zamora, from the area of Economic and Administrative Sciences , the young student of the administrative computer science career Michael Fajardo Huete, and of the agroforestry engineering career the student Lesther Luna.

They file violence commission

The assembly was presented to the Commission on Eradication, Gender-Based Violence and Other Related Intolerance, which is made up of staff trained in dealing with issues of discrimination that students may face, this commission faces issues of denigration, racial, harassment or other psychological aggression.

In the same direction according to teacher Diana Aristhomenes, who is part of this committee stated that students can be summoned with any of the commission, or who feel better confident, to raise the cases of violence they are experiencing so that they can carry cases in a stealthy manner.

According to Aristhomenes, discrimination is not based on bad looks but on actions that may have an impact on the victims who suffer from it, that is what is being worked on from the committee.

As a representative of the team of the National Union of Students of Nicaragua the young Keysmer Morales, made them aware of what they do from this area with the students, promote the sport, culture, and made them the invitation to be part of the dance group of the university, in the same way that I communicate that soon the feast of the platoons will be performed in welcome to the new students of URACCAN.