Articulate efforts for innovation and entrepreneurship activities in Las Minas precinct
Different institutional areas work articulately on the issue of innovation.
José Garth Medina

The working session was done to review the scheduled planning for the second academic semester.

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship "Kiulna" of URACCAN Las Minas carried out an institutional articulation process with the different academic areas and with the Center for Multi-ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM), in order to unify planned efforts for the second semester of the academic year 2020.

Joel Montenegro, coordinator of the Kiulna Centre, said that the innovation and entrepreneurship activities to be carried out in the second half are being coordinated so that the URACCAN Mission and Vision can be answered in synergy.

For Sorayda Herrera Siles, academic secretary of the Las Minas campus, this working session is done to review the planning we have to work articulately on the issue of innovation in the different areas of knowledge.

Virtual road for people with disabilities

Ada Madrigal Ramírez, a member of CEIMM in Las Minas, said students presented the proposal of "Virtual Road for People with Disabilities", the result of the first season of open innovation that was done articulately between the Kiulna Center, the CEIMM and the Innovation Center for Social and Academic Transformation.

Students who formed a multidisciplinary group considered that one of the problems that people with disabilities have is the lack of access to education and the few opportunities to have a decent job; and under this approach they proceeded to develop a platform with relevant and up-to-date information, so that the institutions and private companies of the Caribbean identify the skills that this social group has and can be hired, said Madrigal Ramirez.

Farruck Chavarría Eva, a system engineering student, and other students presented to the academic area a prototype of a virtual platform for people with disabilities.

"We know that these people in many areas of employment are discriminated against by the differences they have, they fail to have a much easier job than any of us; this platform will create curriculums for them, develop courses for this sector and receive certification that will be added to their curriculums and in this way companies and institutions that enter the platform can know in which areas of knowledge are strengthened", said Chavarría Eva.

Victor Zúniga, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at URACCAN, said there is an institutional mandate for internal articulation and this session is done to schedule the main activities of the second semester.

The guidance of Rectory is that all activities should be carried out according to the context and, as we are with the pandemic, most activities will be in a virtual way.

The main activities are: the innovation season, the entrepreneurship season, the technical certifications, the participation in the Latin American Innovation Rally, our participation in the robotics Olympics and the design of the 1st. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Congress by November 2020, the director concluded.