Anasha Campbell, Minister of the Nicaraguan Tourism Institute, visits URACCAN
View of the Minister of Tourism at URACCAN New Guinea precinct
View of the Minister of Tourism at URACCAN New Guinea precinct
View of the Minister of Tourism at URACCAN New Guinea precinct

At the Los Ranchitos Community Museum in URACCAN, New Guinea

As part of the sightseeing tour in the city of New Guinea, the los Ranchitos community museum, located in URACCAN New Guinea, received a visit from the holder of the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR), Anasha Campbell. The visit allowed a tour of the facilities of the university campus and was accompanied by university and municipal authorities.  

The visit to the university campus, and particularly to the Los Ranchitos museum, allowed tourism authorities to learn more about the historical wealth and community work that URACCAN has been developing, with a view to the rescue and promotion of the culture and customs of the peoples of Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast.

According to Campbell, meeting at URACCAN and knowing his museum "It fills us with a lot of commitment to work hand in hand with URACCAN University, to publicize these heritages; in our Nicaragua there is so much beauty in terms of archaeology, of the first settlers of our country, that little is known and in that sense, for tourism it is always important to make this known," he said.

Campbell also referred to the work that URACCAN does in conjunction with the authorities and with the community, above all, stressing that it is an important work that we have to make known more, to promote it, stating that "we have to appropriate our heritages, both natural and cultural, in order to share it with the world and above all to protect and preserve them, because they are a fundamental part of our identity" Emphasized.

Finally, the minister took the opportunity to congratulate URACCAN University on its research, preservation, advocacy and sharing work.

In this sense the Master's Degree Marlon Vargas, director of INTUR in the department of chontales; He said that visiting the Ranchitos museum is "knowing the historical richness of the museum and thinking about the promotional work that can be done, so that the world and Nicaraguans know the historical wealth and it is part of the commitment that we are taking with URACCAN," the official said, adding that he feels at home when visiting this university campus.

Also, the PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of URACCAN new Guinea, assured that being part of the main tourist map of this municipality "to now be able to establish agreements with the Tourism Institute to potentialize in terms of innovation and in terms of promoting the cultural, historical and heritage sites that have the municipality of New Guinea is extremely important for URACCAN and for the municipality" Concluded.