Community inter-agency articulation for research development from Intercultural Higher Education
Interinstitutional articulation session between URACCAN and BlueEnergy
Interinstitutional articulation session between URACCAN and BlueEnergy
Noel Aguilera

Authorities of URACCAN Bluefields venue met with representatives of BluEnergy, within the framework of interinstitutional coordination, through the articulation of joint activities under the theme of food security, in order to contribute from different spaces to healthy practices, this time, coordinating the integration of students into community research processes.  

According to Mr. Sandra Pavón, country director of BluEnergy, "as an organization we are interested in strengthening relations, with URACCAN, as part of a project that we are starting in a community located off the island of Rama Cay," he explained.

Community studies for relevant accompaniment and strengthening

In addition, Pavón added that it is intended to develop different feasibility studies to determine the feasibility of the installation of a community solar network in that community, therefore, "the study phase implies what is the lifting of market studies, lifting bases and the elaboration of a community development plan", he detailed.

In this sense, it is of paramount importance from academic areas that the university community be taken into account in research processes that provide satisfactory results for the relevant development of communities, as well as the enrichment of knowledge of students.

URACCAN, committed to the care of Mother Earth

This process, then, is an opportunity to establish the university as a community center for adapting to climate change, promoting good practices with Mother Earth, also implementing the installation of environmentally friendly technologies, which can be promoted and used within this house of intercultural higher education.

It is also important to note that among the actions promoted, this instance has provided materials and inputs, with which they will perform different actions in this study development process.

Among other actions to be carried out, it is considered to share the work plan, where the lines of activities where the accompaniment of students and teachers and the profile of the careers suitable to carry out the study processes will be specified.