Act of reflection in memory of Dr. Cyril Omeir and the master's degree Ariel Chavarría
Dr. Omeir, says his niece Diana, went to communities to provide free dental services.
Josselyn Flores

Paying tribute to the legacy of two great URACCAN academics

Members of the Technical Council of The Campus recalled Professor Ariel Chavarría Vigil, academic secretary of the Las Minas campus, as well as Dr. Cyril Omeir, Secretary General of URACCAN, with an act of reflection around the recent departure of both academics, who made great contributions to intercultural higher education on the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast.

In this regard, teacher Heidi Guillén expressed words of solidarity for the recent deaths of students, teachers and relatives of the staff of this house of study.

"We stand in solidarity with the departure of Professor Ariel, Dr. Cyril, as well as students who have suffered losses from a loved one."

"Telling them that Professor Ariel and Dr. Cyril have left an important legacy for the university were people who shared knowledge, wisdom and support with us."

"Their trajectory has been important and insurmountable, we know that we will remember them through the generations of URACCAN."

"Dr. Omeir's contribution was great, being one of the founders of this institution, which has been a school for us, for the people who cost and beyond."

For this reason, Guillén continued, "we appreciate that they could be part of us, so we thank God who allowed us to know them and share all the knowledge and knowledge that stood out them".

In the same sense, the civil service extended condolences to the grieving family and to teacher Diana Aristhomenes, Dr. Omeir's niece.

"Let's external the relatives, through Professor Diana, who feel our support, here is the URACCAN family."

Remembrances of Diana Aristhomenes, niece of Dr. Omeir

In this space of reflection, teacher Aristhomenes shared her displays of appreciation for the solidarity of her peers in the departure of Dr. Cyril.

Aristhomenes expressed his admiration for Omeir as a loved one by many; "he was like the pillar of the family, even the generations before him saw him with great respect, admiration and affection, because he was a man with which he could always count for support or advice."

"Among the experiences that are included in the family, is that from a very young age he was like a pastor, he helped in the church to read, he was an excellent student and at the end of his high school studies, he went to Brazil to study Dentistry, becoming the first dentist of Bluefields. In her work to serve others, she went to communities to provide dental services sometimes for free," said teacher Diana.

The Licda. Lyzzeth Newball and Mr. Yader Fajardo shared biblical reflections and chants to end the religious act in honor of the memory and rest of Dr. Omeir and Professor Chavarría.