Waspam extension, ready for the THIRD meeting of Education careers
The Licda. Deborah Garcia, a teacher in the area of Health, training Mr. Danilo Bobb, gardener, in the temperature intake.
Neylin Calderon

Meeting to articulate preparation and security processes in the face of this educational meeting

In the context of the III meeting of the Education careers, which begins on Monday 22nd and will be extended for two weeks, in the Waspam extension, officials and officials met previously, led by Hermes Castellanos, PhD, coordinator of that extension, to articulate work in the process of receiving the student, taking all prevention measures before COVID-19.

According to Castellanos, the main objective of the meeting was to take into account prevention measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 disease, which is why some agreements were made that will strengthen the institutional security protocol.

"A person will be at the gate taking the temperature with the device (laser gun) and monitoring the use of masks, hand washing and shoes," the coordinator said, adding that during the meeting the Licda. Deborah Garcia, a teacher in the area of Health, trained the gardener to take the temperature to each student who enters the university extension facilities.

Starting today, Monday 22, students of the fourth year of the bachelor's degree in Language and Literature, III of the bachelor's degree in Social Sciences and the first year of the bachelor's degree in English will begin with the III educational meeting as a way to continue with the fulfillment of the academic calendar 2020.

The meeting was attended by Ricarda Dornis, Library Assistant; Eva Mercado, Technical Support Assistant; Brenda Carolina Spanish, Registry Assistant; Nora Emma Muller, Box Assistant; Deborah García, teacher in the area of Health; Paola Solomon, janitor; and Danilo Bobb, gardener.