URACCAN Natural Laboratories

The University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN), is an intercultural community higher education institution, committed to the training of men and women with knowledge, knowledge, abilities, values, principles, humanist attitudes, a sense of entrepreneurship and innovation in harmony with Mother Earth.

It has five Natural Laboratories, located in the University Campuses of Bilwi, New Guinea and Las Minas and these are conceived by URACCAN, as living spaces of collective learning where knowledge, knowledge and practices are built and recreated in harmony with Mother Earth; that contribute to the revitalization of the identity and culture of the peoples of the Caribbean Coast through innovation, entrepreneurship, production and marketing based on the guidelines, principles and institutional values for the Good Living.

For its development and consolidation it has become necessary to develop fundamental activities focused on the organization and planning for the articulated functioning between the different areas of the university, key actors of the area, Ministries and Institutions of government and non-governmental organizations (NGGs), which contribute to the development of processes. Progress has been made in the elaboration of the Diagnosis of the current state (2016), The Life Plan (2016), and the Manual of Use for the operation of natural laboratories, which allow to design policies, regulations and regulations that regulate and harmonize their work. As well as the exhibition of the fields of opportunities for the creation and recreation of knowledge, knowledge and practices that can be developed in them as a valuable link in institutional work.


Natural laboratories emerged as a necessity to create the environment for the development of teaching and learning of students pursuing different careers at the university, also for the development of research, innovation, knowledge sharing, knowledge and practices, sustainable production with agroecological approach, food sovereignty, conservation of natural resources, adaptation to climate change , and the marketing of products in quantity and nutritional quality, hence the following objectives are generated:

Alliances, processes of collaboration, cooperation, solidarity and accompaniment.

Green tourism not only as enjoyment of nature but as respect for Mother Earth.

To the integral formation of men and women for life.

Recreate and exchange knowledge, knowledge and practices of the peoples and communities of the Caribbean Coast.

Innovation and entrepreneurship that contribute to food security and sovereignty, sustainable and sustainable development and clean production.

Sustainable and sustainable agro-ecologically focused production and marketing environments.

Geographic location of natural laboratories

Los Laureles Natural Laboratory; El Hormiguero community, Siuna

Snaky Natural Laboratory; Moss community, Waspam

Jerusalem Natural Laboratory; Jerusalem community, New Guinea

Bismarck Lee Natural Laboratory; Waslalita community 1, Waslala

Awawas Natural Laboratory; St Paul's Community, Siuna