Undergraduate Offer

URACCAN, as a higher education institution, will ensure that its academic and vocational training programs and curriculum designs are raised with strict subjection to the levels of training they offer and respond to the academic degrees and professional qualifications they return to.

Undergraduate Offer 2021

Senior Technician/PEM

• Bilwi and Bluefields.
• Waspam, Waslala, Siuna, Rosita and New Guinea.
• Siuna and Bluefields
• Bilwi
• Waslala
• Bluefields

Education Sciences with mention in:

• Bilwi, Bonanza, New Guinea and Bluefields
• Bilwi, New Guinea, Rosita and Bluefields
• Bilwi, Waspam, Rosita, Siuna, Bluefields and New Guinea
• Bilwi, Siuna, Waslala, New Guinea, Bluefields and Prinzapolka
• New Guinea and Prinzapolka