Commemoration of the 20th anniversary at URACCAN Las Minas

By: José Garth Medina

The authorities of URACCAN, in its Las Minas campus, its University Campus Council (CUR), its technical team, teachers, students and administrative staff, are activated in the launch of the 25 years of founding URACCAN, held from this Thursday, August 8, 2019, with the beginning of the university league, the entrepreneurship fair and the academic day , on its campus in Siuna, in the Northern Caribbean of Nicaragua.

Ph.D. Leonor Ruiz Calderon, vice-chancellor of the URACCAN Las Minas venue, inaugurated the university league, noting that within the framework of the 25 years of foundation the University Games are inaugurated, with 21 teams in four disciplines in its number five edition, so she hopes that everyone will have a good presentation and live this celebration in a big way.

Simultaneously with the opening of the V University Games of URACCAN Las Minas, Master Ariel Chavarría Vigil, academic secretary of the Las Minas campus and the coordinators of the different academic areas, held the academic day in the Mama Cheya auditorium, where students from different careers present the academic offer of URACCAN and the various products they have developed.

Academic day

Academic day"We are with our students and teachers presenting what we do in each of our careers that we offer, in the morning students from the Parish Institute of St. Francis of Asses, who are in the fifth year, will be with us, so that they can see the options they have at this university for their professional training," said Ariel Chavarría.

Karina Ortega Jarquín, from the fifth year of engineering in Zootecnia, said that they have developed processes of transformation of meat and dairy products, in addition, they have the concentrates for pigs, "the idea is that students can start their own business once they leave the university and that is why training in URACCAN is important", he detailed.

Entrepreneurship Fair

On the other hand, the entrepreneurship fair is held, where all the projects that have students of Accounting and Business Administration that have undertaken, with a touch of innovation are presented; also taking advantage of the resources of the Los Laureles Natural Laboratory, and transforming them into own and varied products, for example, a guacamol with pineapple, cassava puree, among others, was presented.

Sports dayThe Ph. D Leonor Ruiz Calderón, said that the model of Intercultural Community University offers, at the entrepreneurship fair, a special touch "because the transformation that students have made of Business Administration and Accounting, of the products of the los Laureles laboratory, where they do the internships and serves them to undertake and innovate products that can be their life projects once they leave the university" Explained.

For his part, the teacher Sergio Rodríguez, from the area of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of URACCAN Las Minas, said that these projects constitute an opportunity to self-use and contribute to the economy of the peoples.

Finally, Master Victor Zúñiga, director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation area of URACCAN, announced that the best eight products of this fair will be presented at the I Regional Fair that URACCAN will hold in Bilwi, in October, to encourage students to continue innovating for life.