Intercultural health fair at URACCAN

By: Algiers Hernandez

The use of ancestral medicine for the health of the populations of the Caribbean Coast, is promoted by students of Intercultural Nursing of URACCAN, who presented products made from medicinal plants during the Intercultural Health Fair held at URACCAN Las Minas, as part of the day of the 25 years of founding URACCAN on the Caribbean Coast; the products are results of the learnings obtained from the classes taught by the Intercultural Physician, graduated from URACCAN, Henry Almanza.

Intercultural Health Fair"We want traditional medicine not to go away," medical student Victor coined. The URACCAN University promotes the relevance of traditional ancestral medicine, rescued from the participation of intercultural medicine students, so that it is welcomed by the community.

For her part, the student Jashuara Toruño, explained that there is a lot of difference between these natural products and clinical products, commenting that "our products are manufactured from natural medicinal plants", it should be noted, that from these processes, ties with the community are also strengthened, through the participation of wise and wise in the teaching-learning process.

"For me it has been a very beautiful experience and a pride as a professional graduated from this university, here we take into account interculturality as a base element that allows you to develop as a professional and know what kind of population you are going to face, how to recognize the customs and traditions of the population that you will attend at that time," concluded Dr. Henry Almanza , graduated from URACCAN's Career in Intercultural Medicine.

URACCAN, promotes the rescue of ancestral values, culture and practices, as a fundamental element in the transmission of knowledge, knowledge and practices, that strengthen teaching-learning processes in and out of classrooms.